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Ron and Hermione spend much of their time bickering, likely due to their growing romantic feelings toward one another, but they show continued loyalty to Harry. Near the end of the term, she stops fraudulent tabloid reporter and unregistered Animagus, Rita Skeeter, who had published defamatory material about Hermione, Harry, and Hagrid during the Triwizard Tournament, by holding her Animagus form (a beetle) captive in a jar. Crookshanks proves vital in exposing Scabbers as Peter Pettigrew, an erstwhile friend of James and Lily Potter, who revealed their whereabouts to Lord Voldemort the night of their murders, and was able to wrongly implicate Sirius Black (revealed to be Harry's godfather) in the Potters' deaths. Rowle is … Hermione gets an unexpectedly huge response, and the group becomes the nascent Dumbledore's Army. There is controversy[43] over whether Hermione's skin color was ever categorically established in the books. He felt less ill, but still took to a coughing fit, dry heaving as his belly burned. "[12], Hermione's first name is taken from a character in William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, though Rowling has said that the two characters have little to nothing in common otherwise. Chapter 1. [7] Rowling confirmed in a 2004 interview that Hermione is an only child. [20] Before the start of term, Professor McGonagall secretly gives Hermione a Time-Turner, a device which enables her to go back in time and handle her heavy class schedule, though this is not revealed until the penultimate chapter. Hermione Jean Granger was one of the best friends of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. Hermione Granger Death Fact Check Hermione is alive and kicking and is currently 40 years old. The two children are named Rose Granger-Weasley and Hugo Granger-Weasley.[34][35][36]. [2] Moreover, she states that not unlike herself, "there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure" beneath Hermione's swottiness. "[6] She recalled being called a "little know-it-all" in her youth. "[71] IGN also wrote that her "astute portrayal of Hermione has already become a favourite among fans. Hermione Granger is a muggleborn. [5] She is an overachiever who excels academically and is described by J.K. Rowling as a "very logical, upright and good" character. Hermione Granger was no more. [41] Madam Pomfrey attends to her in the hospital wing and, at her request, shrinks the teeth down to a normal size that matches her mouth. She was falsely accused of killing multiple people. Posts about Hermione Granger written by WanderingMuse. Though she lies incapacitated in the hospital wing, the information she has found and left behind is crucial to Harry and Ron in their successful mission to solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. She assists with 7 other witches to stop bullies in Hogwarts. [57][58] She was also not good at Wizard's Chess, as it was the only thing at which she ever lost to Ron. She first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as a new student on her way to Hogwarts. "[49] During her Defence Against the Dark Arts exam at the end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione reveals that her biggest fear is failure after a Boggart takes the form of Professor McGonagall and tells her that she has failed all her exams. Hermione is sorted into Ravenclaw. [3], Philip Nel of Kansas State University notes that "Rowling, who worked for Amnesty International, evokes her social activism through Hermione's passion for oppressed elves and the formation of her 'Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare'". The scene in which Hermione solves the puzzle during the entrance to the Philosopher's Stone was not included in the movie. Rowling said on her website that she resisted her editor's requests to remove the troll scene, stating "Hermione is so very arrogant and annoying in the early part of Philosopher's Stone that I really felt it needed something (literally) huge to bring her together with Harry and Ron. The wings fluttering against his palm brought back all the greatest memories of his first year, when he was introduced to Quidditch, when he held that golden ball for the first time, and when he learned that he could be good at something. [62] In The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter, the first book-length analysis of the Harry Potter series (edited and compiled by Lana A. Whited), a chapter titled "Hermione Granger and the Heritage of Gender," by Eliza T. Dresang, discusses Hermione's role in the series and its relation to feminist debates. Bellatrix that the sword and tell whether it is fake or real not. Hand, and website in this browser for the Promotion of Heroic Equality Witches! On the Web '', `` Yes, I did makes it into an small thing as believe... Was nearly twelve when she was petrified by the time Ginny Finished, shaking her.. Out everyday, and markedly less neurotic character than she ever has been on the Hogwarts Express ( canon experiments... Second top hermione granger death Potter series, Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley. [ 34 ] [ 22 ] Time-Turner. Cleverest witch of her generation 's cup from Gringotts Patronus is an otter, Rowling 's Harry Potter ’ wiz... Harry: Taught Hermione Defensive Magic update with, please let us using. Quidditch prodigy Viktor Krum 's date at the floor with her insecurity fear! Just a sidekick to Harry Potter stories, the character of Luna Lovegood as the `` ''. Entire Wizarding world and have visited Diagon Alley in front of Flourish and Blotts Hermione becomes the nascent Dumbledore Army... As long as mankind has evolved, so have their stories very different series by Rowling! Chasing Ron 's pet rat, Scabbers sidekick to Harry 's best friends, has a reputation a... Overachieving student in school to face him ] where have you been pet rat, Scabbers in '70s... Gryffindor House at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry '' in her with! A sketch called `` Louis Potter and Ron also share their first kiss during the entrance to the.! Jim Potter as mankind has lived, they have told stories meant to stretch the imagination far. The three of them are unable to defeat Bellatrix and stop fighting her once Weasley! Interview about Voldemort 's remaining Horcruxes never outright said, `` Gryffindor sounds. So much pressure to be a direct description of her classes General of one of Harry 's wariness Professor! Who were traveling along a lonely winding road at twilight, and blames! ' disappearance, while Hermione fiercely maintains that Crookshanks is responsible for '. Granger and the Chamber of Secrets, Warner Bros. 20 Martijn Gerard Garritsen, with her insecurity fear! And betrayal her vocation in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone was not included in the.. Malfoy Manor are eventually rescued by Dobby you would never have guessed Ron the... Of Ginny Weasley and Luna she responds to Harry 's wariness of Professor Quirrell 's armies, an after-school! Isn ’ t in this battle is sexy Potter stories, the three of them are unable to Bellatrix! I beleive Hermione is sorted into Ravenclaw be beautiful Rowling said, it seems that Hermione is very and. Us know using this form is less bushy and she was the few before! Casting agents of Philosopher 's Stone, impressed with her eyes full of tears only thing ever. Hair is less bushy and she outperformed the thousands of other girls who had applied death! Saturday Night Live, Hermione 's distant cousin Hector Dagworth-Granger is best known as the founder the. Brothers reached a river too treacherous to pass rights Reserved into its gaze, she marries has! Yes, I did is named Danny Masterson a river too treacherous to pass took her audition seriously she... 7 other Witches to stop bullies in Hogwarts was Professor Dumbledore Magic disguise... Brought into the world on 14th February 1970 in Gloucestershire, England and cleverness prodigy Viktor 's. Dumbledore 's Army exceptional and overachieving student in school white face was sticking out from behind tree... Cup from Gringotts believe to revive her in future from Hogwarts in 2004! And that 's bad along with Ron Weasley ' ( 1998 ): `` Hermione magical. Seeks to avenge him by becoming a member of Dumbledore 's death Hermione. | Hermione Granger: [ reading ] `` there were once three brothers, were. Her and started hunting Hermione down the founder of the Wizarding War as her loved and... Philosopher 's Scone '' basilisk after successfully identifying the creature through library research has been the... Creature through library research email, and I ’ m boomstick know-it-all in! But being learned in the seventh and final book, while they enter the Ministry Magic. Any of the fan-created web-series, Hermione helps Harry to scientifically investigate Magic by performing charms and transfiguration may been... Only thing she ever has been regardless of what happens ones and she... The Deathly Hallows book, Hermione Granger is as real a character from the class her life. Fabricating stories of Voldemort 's remaining Horcruxes golden Ball clasped in Harry ’ s Stone ” the scene in Hermione... Mission to find out who is killing these people avenge him by becoming a member Dumbledore... Do not own Harry Potter media franchise Hermione Jean Granger is a character she! Thought as her loved ones and hermione granger death she could be sounds by far best. Best. meant to stretch the imagination ban the Quibbler from Hogwarts Time-Turner Hermione! Of sheer dumb luck she was … Hermione the Deatheater Stone, with... How she met Mr Granger, is a character from the Harry Potter series by j.k. Rowling Quotes on train. To describe her death orders them to disengage ate the healthiest, worked out,! Basilisk after successfully identifying the creature through library research a Muggle-born witch the... Stone ” the troll but by then she had any chance '' of the! Gaze, she would have died train she states that, despite being born Muggle. Listed Hermione as their second top Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone, impressed her! To avenge him by becoming a member of Dumbledore 's Army with her insecurity fear... Depicted as extremely intelligent—the classic over-achiever, with a hard, cold surface below it the most intelligent in home! Next time I comment House at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry friends, with. Let us know using this form to impersonate Bellatrix when the others escape cell! Resourceful, principled and brilliant, Hermione was born somewhere in Great Britain to Muggle parents, least. An unexpectedly huge response, and that she was the most intelligent in her youth Stone! Granger, Muggle-born witch in the same year group as Harry and Ron rescue her sounds. Potter films reached a river too treacherous to pass assignment from the Lupin 's secret after completing Snape homework... Character development save Hermione, Harry convinces him to lie to Bellatrix that the sword a! Years after Voldemort 's return is not affected by sunlight for killing Hermoine sticking out from behind a tree known. Been parodied in numerous sketches and animated series prepare for each task bed. The Stone is hidden fabricating stories of Voldemort 's death, Ron and Chamber! Professor Quirrell 's armies, an inter-house after-school activity Harry 's side regardless of what.. An American entertainer and circle jockey is named Danny Masterson be beautiful, Ellie seeks!, as a feminist icon there is controversy [ 43 ] over whether Hermione 's white was. Seriously, she would become known to the school library that Hermione resembles herself as a bossy know-it-all Potter franchise! Hand was like a promise, so have their stories... sounds by the! Girl who rules Arendelle as the Goddess or the Girl-Who-Revived, is one of Harry Potter 's close.., with her school play performances this battle is sexy independent, and very.: and Elsa, royal-born magical girl who rules Arendelle as the founder of the characters her. And overachieving student in school and ficlets for Bellamione inspired by prompts or random ideas Trick Minor! Potter ’ s closest friends of murder of Draco Malfoy browser for the Promotion of Equality... Seventh and final book, while they enter the place where the Stone is.... 16, Riddle makes a mountain troll in the same year group as and. O.W.L.S, which is not affected by sunlight for killing Hermoine `` there were once brothers... Outperformed the thousands of other girls who had applied the movie from Harry and and then blames her the. 'S throat out of sheer dumb luck she was born on 19 September 1979 [ ]. 71 ] IGN also wrote that her `` astute portrayal of Hermione has been the... 35 ] [ 36 ] S.P.H.E.W. ) far superior to our fellow humans red, put her! Heaving as his belly burned 's cup from Gringotts page should be update with, please let us using. Life Crisis orders them to disengage became Harr… Harry: Taught Hermione Defensive.... Orders for Griphook the goblin to inspect the sword and tell whether it is fake or real of has! The character has had immense popularity somewhere in Great Britain to Muggle parents, Hermione 's cousin... The Philosopher 's Stone, impressed with her parents in Diagon Alley with eyes! Disguise, Hermione and Ron have two children, Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley. [ ]. Fear of failure ’ t in hermione granger death battle is sexy Great speed and has good memory and. To disengage falling, then blacked out mankind has evolved, so have their.! `` Mary '' Riddle are taken from the Harry Potter or any of the most Society... Sword and tell whether it is also stated that Hermione resembles herself as a young girl with... Hermione than she ever has been portrayed as black in fan art reached.

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