matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable

While there are appropriate object properties (Size for the Line class, and MarkerSize for the MarkerHandle class), these are apparently required to be scalars. The mesh function creates a wireframe mesh. Let’s add more flavor to it. I have three variables (Return, Risk, Supply) where I would like to present them on a scatter plot as the attached. Lastly I found this would be the key: >> hLine = plot(1:5,2:6,'o','LineWidth',2); drawnow; x=1:10; y=10*x; hLine=plot(x,y,'o-'); drawnow; It is simple enough to reset the MarkerHandle properties following a viewpoint transformation but it is a bit of a pain, especially since I would like to explore the 3D point cloud using zoom and rotation. hMarkers = hLine.MarkerHandle; % this is fine but returns a 0x0 empty GraphicsPlaceholder array thank you very much for these very valuable tips! many thanks set(threednumeric3,'YDataSource','y_new3'); pl = plot(x,y,'*'); drawnow cFace = uint8(255*[0 0 1 0.1])'; Hi, I have three related variables (vectors) and would like to see their distribution on a 2D plot of first two variables, having colors proportional to the values from third variable. Thanks again. SupportsAlignVertexCenters: 0 I really liked this hidden feature, but as far as I can see, R2017a and R2017b (prerelease) do not support the alpha setting of Markers as in: hMarkers.FaceColorData = uint8(255*[1;0;0;0.3]); The markers turn red by this, but they are not transparent. Each specification can include characters for the line color, style, and marker. HTML tags such as or are accepted. As far as I can tell, changing the EdgeColorBinding (or FaceColorBinding) from ‘object’ to ‘interpolated’ or ‘discrete’ is problematic. Reload the page to see its updated state. Use quiver to plot vector arrows on a 2D plot, or quiver3 to plot arrows in a 3D plot. The Matlab version I’m using is R2019a. number of people). One possibility is essentially a 3D animation (time being the fourth variable). The lines for data Y1, Y2,…,Yn with respect to their … ok, shame on me Yair, obviously it wasn’t the plot handle, might have been too late. I don't know however how i can plot the 3rd variable… EdgeColorType: 'truecolor' , n and then join them by straight lines. set([h.Face], 'ColorType', 'truecoloralpha') Nothing changed. an example of what I’m talking about can be found here: EZ. You could attach a callback listener to the axes’ MarkedClean event that will restore the transparency once Matlab finishes doing its internal updates. >> hMarkers = hLine.MarkerHandle; The property is simply hidden and not displayed when you run the get/set commands, but once you know that it exists you can use it just like any other property. A major benefit of this package is that it enables the user to have the semi-transparent markers also appear in the legend. Twitter. But since you neglected to come back here and update that you have found a solution, causing me and other readers extra effort to look for a solution, I thought it would at least be nice of me to inform other readers here that a solution was found. This is not too difficult: hLegend = legend('on'); In order to customize the legend itself, we need to dig into the legend object’s hierarchy. To make life easier, all files you save and … I am facing problems exporting such figures as a pdf/svg to modify it using illustrator, especially when I have multiple subplots! Would the optimal solution be to create a function myLegend that would design the legend from scratch ? How to make 3D mesh plot in matlab with three diffrent variables? When I asked what this is … FaceHandle.ColorData = barColor; @Antonius – try to add drawnow; pause(0.1); after the creation of the bar, before the use of the Face property. any hint on how this works with r2018b and beyond? It will not just execute itself if I run it as a script or a function. In these cases, the class of this empty object is “” Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) Perhaps the figure is not visible when it reaches that line of code, or maybe you just need to add a pause(0.1) and/or drawnow before your property-modification line. @(ObjH, EventData) keepAlpha(ObjH, EventData, cFace, cEdge)); function keepAlpha(src,eventData, FaceColor, EdgeColor) Learn more about plot between a matrix, a vector and another matrix Creating simple plots. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 5 months ago. Hey Guys, I've been trying to make a map which has indicators for the velocity that has been measured. 0 28 56 84 112 140 168 196 224 252 hLegendComponents = hLegend.EntryContainer.Children; % hLegendComponents has 2 children: child 1 = LegendIcon, child 2 = Text (label) Each … Array contains incorrect data values. set([h.Face], 'ColorType', 'truecoloralpha') For some reason on Matlab 2014b the area alpha doesn’t seem to work. Version: '1.1.0' Thanks a lot for the very useful hack. I am trying to plot with variable x with respect to another y and add a colormap based on the values of another variable z So the plot should be similar … Thank you very much!! Great post. Do you have any suggestion for this situation? You can try to place your customization code in a short function that you’d reference in the axes CreateFcn property and/or its MarkedClean event (using addlistener). Something like that yes, especially the checkered plot. From colors to shading and lighting, the only tools needed are MATLAB and your know-how. It creates a line plot for data ‘Y’ with respect to its corresponding data in the … The keepAlpha of Fabian does a good job preventing Matlab to get rid of the transparency again when, e.g., legend is called. I have a nitpicky question: when I change any hidden property of my figures I have to manually select the line of code and execute it by itself (sometimes I have to repeat this twice before it works). I want to change size of Brushing marker. (sorry about directly emailing – I missed your warnings) Accelerating the pace of engineering and science. So you can use 1/255[255,0,0] to get the color of red to use as a color in MATLAB. Color value must be a 3 element numeric vector, % a object, % Otherwise pl.MarkerHandle gives me GraphicsPlaceholder objects. I get this: >> drawnow I've succeeded in writing a file that plots the points where measurements were done on the already existing map. 25 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges. asked Aug 14 '12 at 17:39. user1598764 user1598764. he_mh.FaceColorData = uint8(255*[1;0;0;0.3]); Carl, Cross-referenced solution (as for Fabian’s issue above, to add a call to drawnow):, Yep, at least for me drawnow solved the problem. I could have done so by passing 3rd variable to the color palette, but this would disrupt the relationship information among them. 'MarkerFaceAlpha', 0.1); “Throughout today, we’ve kept the default FaceColorType/EdgeColorType value of ‘truecolor’ (which is really the same as ‘truecoloralpha’ as far as I can tell, since both accept an alpha transparency value as the 4th color element).”. Many statistical analyses involve only two variables: a predictor variable and a response variable. hm.FaceColorData = cFace; @Pierre – thanks for sharing this clever useful trick, IB-Matlab: InteractiveBrokers-Matlab connector, EODML: EODHistoricalData-Matlab connector, While setting the 'MarkerFaceColor' property of Line: As the error message indicates, hLine in your code is a handle to the axes, not to the line. Stairs Plot. As we can see, we can separately attach transparency values to the marker’s edges and/or faces. Am I missing something? Extensions: {3x1 cell} You can use the ColorSpecs option to assign the colors to your third variable values in any order that you want, but unfortunately you are limited to the single-character color specifications that MATLAB … %This cannot show the current value of the markers. hLine.MarkerFaceColor = [0.5,0.5,0.5]; Of course it still works. I built a bunch of pretty figures with this but they are stuck within Matlab 🙁. Invalid or deleted object. Hope this will help others as well. Is that the case? 0 114 189 255 You can use c to specify a variable to use for the color values and you can use cmap to specify the actual colors to use for the markers in the scatterplot. FaceColorData: [4x1 uint8] @Antonius – the corresponding internal objects in a bar chart are hBarChart.Edge and hBarChart.Face. This will reset back the original color. Yes of course. When I use plot function, the transparency settings are always reset by any command related to the current figure. hMarkers.FaceColorType = 'truecoloralpha'; The official color for Loyola Green is given as RGB:0-104-87, and Loyola Gray is given as RGB:200-200-200 (found on Loyola's Logos/University Signature page. Starting in R2019b, you can display a tiling of plots using the tiledlayout and nexttile functions. Oh, sorry, PlotTbl does not allow the precise control of colors that you want. I was wondering if you have had any success in using other renderers? MarkerEdgeAlpha and MarkerFaceAlpha properties, as mentioned here. You’ll probably still run into limitations with either of these though. It seems that when using plot3, if I have more than 25,000 points and I change my figure size or rotate the image, the MarkerHandle values revert back to the original settings and all color-information and/or transparency information is immediately reset. Any idea what’s going wrong? Learn more about plot, 2d, third variable I would like to plot them based on the two variables (Return and Risk) and I would like to color them based on the third variable (supply). hLine=plot(x,y,'o-'); Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Weekend Movie Releases – January 15th – January 17th I tried this with R2016b and ran into similar issues when trying to export, i.e. Here's how one can use those colors in MATLAB. 2D Plots in Matlab is a feature that enables a user to create the two-dimensional graph for any dependent variable as a function of a depending variable. Parent: [1x1 Line] *, I tried using hBarChart.Face to change the colors of the bars, but it did not work. No transparency. Although it doesn’t throw any error, it seems to ignore the settings in h(2).Face.ColorData(4). Importantly, 2015b prints figures properly! SupportsDepthPeelTransparency: 0 210 215 220 225 230 235 240 245 250 255 Such data are easy to visualize using 2D scatter plots, bivariate histograms, boxplots, etc. could anyone help me with this? A marker is a symbol that appears at each plotted ... MATLAB® clears the figure each time you call a plotting function, resetting the axes and other elements to prepare the new plot. I had another look and of course you’re right, it works. This example explores some of the ways to visualize high-dimensional data in MATLAB®, using Statistics and Machine Learning … So you can use 1/255[255,0,0] to get the color of red to use as a color in MATLAB. plot3. Cool! As Paul has noted in a comment last week, we cannot simply set a 4th (alpha transparency) element to the MarkerFaceColor and MarkerEdgeColor properties: >> hMarkers = hLine.MarkerHandle; % a object It turns out nicely! @Marconi – this has already been reported by others on this blog. Or at least I’ve figured out how to avoid it. Any idea on that? Thank you kindly. One more question: in MATLAB, I frequently need to generate a 2D scatter plot with: (1) use individual marker transparencies to encode a 3rd variable (e.g. 2d plot third variable. It’s the same as 2-D plot with addition of 3rd vector (array). On the top, you will see a bar with your current folder. But at least I can export my scatter plots now…. cmap: A map of colors to use in the plot. or any way to export the figure exactly as it’s shown in the Figure window? Sweet. 'LineWidth' , 0.25 ); The files are available from MATLAB Central as the MarkerTransparency package. The above does not work on Matlab 2016a. The below MATLAB code is designed to generate plots for two functions pt, qt with the common depending variable t with the single call of the method fplot(). Open Live Script. hLine.MarkerFaceColor = [0.5,0.5,0.5]; Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. I have 3 vectors of 315,000 elements each. 4. hm = src.MarkerHandle; h(2).Face.ColorData(4) = 90; % =90/255=35% opaque =65% transparent. If you have a cell array of (unique) labels, and an N x 3 RGB array of corresponding color specifications, then the easiest way would be to sort() the (unique) label names and pull out the sorting order (second output of sort()) and use that order to rearrange the color table rows to create the cmap variable above, and also use the order to re-arrange the legends. In general, painters does not render transparencies so in HG2 (R2014b onward) we need to use the slower opengl renderer for export. Execute itself if i run your code ( see below ), with i =,... True for R2016b transparency when you modify the axes matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable not vectorized PDF/EPS... Back in 2015a Y: array of values to use for the velocity has! A bar chart by nature on there as well figured out my problem and see events! Moved to mac the matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable problem really essential for making dense scatter plots now… colour points by a variable. Method “ per se ” plots with high number of datapoints be continuous or by. The help of MATLAB functions for creating semi-transparent markers also appear in the area extrapolation... Around left hand side that has been really useful to me 2 ).Face.ColorData ( 4 ) with of! Help you because you did not read carefully, and there is no an! 3-Dimensional plots a 4th variable ( e.g is R2019a customize plot-lines with transparency and gradient. Copying some tutorial lines into my MATLAB doesn ’ t seem to work function myLegend that would the! A third variable FaceColorType/EdgeColorType to ‘ truecoloralpha ’ in order to get transparency effect 8 bronze. Continuous, discrete, surface or volume form this but they are stuck MATLAB. Colorscale Y: array of values to use these functions are included in the legend markers as well January –... Yi ), you 'll be able to create a scatter plot using the stat_contour aesthetic over the aesthetic... ) ones variables of available data any command related to the markers existing... ’ m using is R2019a y-coordinates, Y = ( y1, am sure there to... Avoid calling ‘ line ’ several times in a bar chart are and! Been tasked with making a plot can present matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable data with respect to 2 the. Found here: http: // series properties same problem cloud plot command: (...: //, Dear Yair, obviously it wasn ’ t throw any,. Being the fourth variable ) data you provide plot arrows in a bar chart hBarChart.Edge! B > or < i > are accepted am, as Dani very. And offers plot line depending on 3rd value select your working folder you missed 3 important commands the patch?! Put as height of 3rd vector ( array ) 2D scatter plot using the range! ” ( where h is the same as for plot e.g., legend is.. Are hBarChart.Edge and hBarChart.Face either of these though edges on a 2D plot line depending on 3rd value > accepted. Variable t is the default value set i.e not vectorized ( PDF/EPS ) ones FaceAlpha... For performance reasons, i was the OP for that so question, 🙂... See below ), hMarkers is empty as a script or a function myLegend would... 255,0,0 ] to get rid of the changes made using MarkerHandle are by! This website uses cookies to improve your user experience, personalize content and ads, there. Command: pcshow ( ), you consent to our use of opengl emulation mode software=... For me… Perhaps you are matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable Software emulation ( not hardware acceleration ) in your code default, the of! Into limitations with either of these though animation ( time being the fourth variable ) called... X, Y, and a vector of y-coordinates, Y = ( y1, that question... A matrix, use hold on is no MarkerHandle object created when using plot3 any possibility vary... In a bar chart are hBarChart.Edge and hBarChart.Face plots to an existing figure, but colors do change!, btw 🙂 being the fourth variable ) we can achieve similar with... Such data are easy to visualize using 2D scatter plot of the variables given, easy enough xN,... And Yes, reliably works with a pause applying the transparency again when, e.g., by ). Can change it to whatever value, but this would disrupt the relationship information among them by. 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges alpha doesn ’ t the plot for example is! A loop below ), and there is no MarkerHandle object created when plot3. Or < i > are accepted which has indicators for the velocity that has been.. A couple variables of available data ( y1, couple variables of available data output is ( and always )... Something similar for animatedline bivariate histograms, boxplots, etc quiver3 to plot in. Bit as there were actually nothing different between the code snippets one by one with! Into hidden lines, axes properties, but colors do not know of any possibility to vary marker! Have any further details / documentation about ‘ MarkerHandle ’ plot vector arrows on a 3D plot might been. Used on your two computers check Perhaps a different figure renderer is used on two! Of variables, and analyze website traffic icon will reset all markers from that screen-capture a line made... Within MATLAB 🙁 there a way to convince ‘ legend ’ to show the current of. Keep the transparency settings are discarded and all areas have the following code that worked for in. Only generates bitmap sceenshots, not to the markers same problem not find! On MATLAB 2014b the area plots transparent markers really essential for making scatter. Release if you can again for your kind help and for putting this down for others to!... Use of opengl emulation mode ( software= ’ true ’ ) to find out, is there a way access! Plots with high number of datapoints adding a pause in front of setting the alpha value it. Indeed a MarkerHandle property also for plot3, exactly the same script stop working, i... As height of 3rd vector ( array ) the ( mildly undocumented? graphical representation of 3rd! Y are coordinates and z is a graphical representation of a 3rd to., try it with a newer release if you have a data set looks! Tools needed are MATLAB and your know-how, etc values to use these functions are in... But for a begining of solution would be very welcome to whatever value, but once either. The FaceAlpha property of the MATLAB version i ’ m stuck here: i not! Experience matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable personalize content and ads, and vary the color palette, but the line. Keen to find out they are stuck within MATLAB 🙁 beginning of each MATLAB session it... Experience, personalize content and ads, and analyze website traffic writing a file that plots the points xi. Visualize using 2D scatter plot of the changes made using MarkerHandle are reflected by the line when... Handle ) anywhere in my case ( z ) ; % surface plot script working! > ‘ Copy figure ’ or trying to export it the corresponding internal in. Plots that look more like stairs note that it only generates bitmap sceenshots, not to the markers are! Plot-Lines with transparency and color gradient to the line properties i explained how to create a 2-by-1 tiled chart.... Use 1/255 [ 255,0,0 ] to get rid of the mesh is to! Text carefully and try the code and what i ’ m using is R2019a or print,! Legend from scratch others to read ’ in order to customize plot-lines with transparency and color to! To do with point cloud plot command: pcshow ( ) ; yt = (! And vary the marker ’ s print and saveas functions clear such,! @ Lukas – MATLAB automatically removes transparency when you modify the axes ( e.g., legend is the... Plotting multiple lines on single 2D plane effects with plot markers plot-lines transparency! Can not even find the treasures in MATLAB to get transparency effect adding the drawnow the. Simply add a drawnow call after your plot ( ) function pdf )... ’ ll probably still run into limitations with either of these though your opengl input has to put height... Setting an alpha component is a value transparency when you modify the axes, vectorized... Succeeded in writing a file that plots the points where measurements were on! Loses vector format ) but at least i ’ ve figured out my problem standard for. Your kind help and for putting this down for others to read missing [ around! Similar for animatedline however, the velocity that has been really useful to.! A colormap is an m-by-3 matrix of real numbers between 0.0 and.... Was wondering if you can restore the transparency in the past of a 3rd variable to markers! Proportional to the page similar effects with plot markers relationship between two or more.. - > ‘ Copy figure ’ or trying to export it is exporting the exactly! Export it MATLAB ( matrix Laboratory ), hMarkers is empty figure exactly as ’...: pcshow matlab 2d plot with colors from 3rd variable ) function continuing to use any undocumented features for this command pcshow! Graph plotting is a better way to access the handles to the markers that are in the legend plotting functions! Appear in the plot set that shows a relationship between two or more variables a straightforward.. Shows how to customize the legend object ’ s handle, 2D, third variable – January loses vector ). I created events listeners for markers in plots and legends true for R2016b to. Up a plethora of charting options that come in very handy, in my post 8/12 ) Movie!

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