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Cedar Creek is dedicated to engaging staff members and inmates in sustainability efforts. In 1904 the total factory product of Battle Creek was valued at $12,298,244, an increase of 95% over that for 190o; and of the total in 1904 $5,191,655 was the value of food preparations, which was 8.5% of the value of food preparations manufactured in the United States, Battle Creek thus ranking first among American cities in this industry. p. 282) has been published by the inventor, describing the practical trial at the Cockle Creek Works. Grabbing the rope, she pulled it back a little way from the creek. Stream hours and hours of comedy, action and drama for FREE on and the CW Seed app! ANTIETAM, the name of a Maryland creek, near which, on the 16th-17th of September 1862, was fought the battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg (see American Civil War), between the Federals under McClellan and the Confederates commanded by Lee. crossed the Chickahominy and attacked the enemy's right wing at Beaver Dam Creek assisted by D. Petroleum was discovered on Little Rennick's Creek, near Burkesville, in Cumberland county, in 1829, when a flowing oil well (the " American well," whose product was sold as " American oil " to heal rheumatism, burns, &c.) was struck by men boring for a "salt well," and after a second discovery in the 'sixties at the mouth of Crocus Creek a small but steady amount of oil was got each year. But Wolfe Creek Pass, that was really something, wasn't it? Cumberland is served by the Baltimore & Ohio, the Western Maryland, the Pennsylvania, the Cumberland & Pennsylvania (from Cumberland to Piedmont, Virginia), and the George's Creek & Cumberland railways, the last a short line extending to Lonaconing (19 m.); by an electric line extending to Western Port, Maryland; and by the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, of which it is a terminus. creek side of Tinners is the orchard style grassy garden, enclosed by a wood panel fence. the crisp air traced their progress with a wisp of steam. Creek is a noun and is a small river. CAMBRIDGE, a city and the county-seat of Guernsey county, Ohio, U.S.A., on Wills Creek, about 75 m. The vicinity was settled between 1729 and 1747 by Highlanders, the settlement called Cross Creek lying within the present limits of Fayetteville. I thought the creek was close, but I don't hear it. GEORGETOWN, formerly a city of the District of Columbia, U.S.A., and now part (sometimes called West Washington) of the city of Washington, U.S.A., at the confluence of the Potomac river and Rock Creek, and on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, about 22 m. Rising in terraces from Rock Creek is Oak Hill Cemetery, a beautiful burying-ground containing the graves of John Howard Payne,. The "five tribes" were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Indians. How to use creek in a sentence. Slipping into a modest two-piece swimsuit with a full bottom part, she grabbed a towel and headed out at a brisk walk for the creek. in 1900, 2914), one of the oldest settlements of Colorado, and the first capital (1861). Schitt's Creek is the funniest comedy almost no one watched until it was almost over. Battle Creek, said to have been named from hostilities here between some surveyors and Indians, was settled in 1831, incorporated as a village in 1850, and chartered as a city in 1859, the charter of that year being revised in 1900. s. Score 1. t was nearly an hour before she returned with Destiny. The incident was a chief cause of the Arapaho-Cheyenne war that followed. Wheels creak on their axles as the cogs engage one another and the revolving pulleys whirr with the rapidity of their movement, but a neighboring wheel is as quiet and motionless as though it were prepared to remain so for a hundred years; but the moment comes when the lever catches it and obeying the impulse that wheel begins to creak and joins in the common motion the result and aim of which are beyond its ken. They paused at the creek while Ed and Princess drank. Examples of Creak in a sentence. Sentence example with the word 'creek' creek adolescent stream, boca, crawl, fluviation, harbor, midchannel, natural harbor, road, skulk, spill stream, wadi Definition n. a natural stream of water smaller than a river Last update: October 4, 2015. wiggle beyond this is Salter's Lode Sluice and Well Creek wiggling away to the top of picture. All Rights Reserved. broad; it is in fact the valley of Thompson Creek. She was remembering the view of the creek from the bridge - and the brush choking its banks. Another word for creek. Below they could hear water running over stones in the creek. RUTLAND, a city and the county seat of Rutland county, Vermont, U.S.A., on Otter creek, about 67 m. Lancaster is the trade centre of a fertile agricultural region, has good transportation facilities, and is near the Hocking Valley and Sunday Creek Valley coal-fields; its commercial and industrial importance increased greatly, after 1900, through the development of the neighbouring natural gas fields and, after 1907-1908, through the discovery of petroleum near the city. Keaton pulled the car off the road into a grassy parking area beside the creek and shut off the engine. By Ani Bundel. A Battle Creek man was resentenced Friday to two consecutive prison terms of 39 to 60 years following his conviction in a cold-case rape. Cripple Creek was at that time a cattle range. Among the Arunta of Central Australia, the ghosts of the dead haunt certain localities, and, entering the bodies of passing women, are constantly reincarnated; the Black-snake clan of the Warramunga tribe embodies the spirits which the original ancestor had deposited by a certain creek.'. "I chased your yellow jacket down Wolfe Creek Pass today," Dean said. : Your father's summer vacation may have involved afternoons playing sandlot baseball or dropping a fishing line into a creek. They paused briefly, letting the horses drink while Rob took some pictures of the creek. At the East Canon Creek dam, Utah, the height of which is about 6r ft. BLOOMSBURG, a town and the county-seat of Columbia county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., on Fishing Creek, 2 m. Furthermore there is a state association engaged in irrigation projects, and the United States Reclamation Service, established by an Act of Congress in 1902, has projects for utilizing the flood waters of the Umatilla, Malheur, Silvies and Grande Ronde rivers, the waters of the Owyhee and Wallowa rivers and Willow Creek, and the waters of some of the lakes in the central part of the state. 1702321 We're up a creek without a paddle. His army had to be formed out of local troops, and few modern weapons were available, but the Valley regiments retained the impress of Jackson's training till the days of Cedar Creek. 3. "Do you remember Gladys Gillespie of Sow Creek, Idaho?" Find more ways to say creek, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. She glanced around at the deserted area beside the creek. Pierre turned his whole body, making the sofa creak. They reached the tree line and descended to the creek. In 1762, by an act of the assembly, a town was laid out including Cross Creek, and was named Campbelltown (or "Campbeltown"); but in 1784, when Lafayette visited the town, its name was changed in his honour to Fayetteville, though the name Cross Creek continued to be used locally for many years. She didn't walk far before she heard the creak and snap of branches. We have included twenty basic Muskogee words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. Official site of CW Seed, featuring 90210, Schitt's Creek, Nikita, Everybody Hates Chris, Limitless, every Whose Line ever, The Game, Hellcats, Forever, and more. The industries include brewing, shipbuilding, copper and iron-founding, carriagebuilding and fellmongery; there are boot factories, engineering works, biscuit factories and smelting works at Cockle Creek. Search, discover and share your favorite GIFs. Hood at once prepared to attack Thomas as soon as that general should have crossed Peachtree Creek (6 m. Hood's attack (battle of Peachtree Creek, July 20) was everywhere repulsed, and Schofield and McPherson closed up at the greatest speed. creak definition: 1. Supposedly, the proper way to pronounce the word "creek" is "crick." Also a range of American and Canadian whiskeys including bourbon, Jack Daniels, Johnny Drum and Knob Creek. The victories of the Opequan, or Winchester (September 19), Fisher's Hill (September 22) and Cedar Creek (October 19), produced great elation in the North and corresponding depression in the Confederacy, and Sheridan was made successively brigadier-general U.S.A. for Fisher's Hill and major-general U.S.A. for Cedar Creek. Goose Creek Correctional Center is a combined sentenced and unsentenced medium-security classification facility with a total of 1535 beds. - Bathurst, pop. "Goat Streams"), a small creek issuing into the Hellespont, N.E. Official site of CW Seed, featuring 90210, Schitt's Creek, Nikita, Everybody Hates Chris, Limitless, every Whose Line ever, The Game, Hellcats, Forever, and more. All Rights Reserved. by the borough of Queens, from which it is in part separated by Newtown Creek; E. JOHNSTOWN, a city of Cambria county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., at the confluence of the Conemaugh river and Stony creek, about 75 M. He became in May a brigadier-general U.S.V., and served with Nathaniel Lyon at Wilson's Creek and with J. by the detritus wash of the hydraulic mines, and that of Sleepy Hollow Creek 136 ft. S.A., on Carroll's Creek, a tributary of the Monocacy, 61 m. He was on the staff of General George Crook at the battles of Opequan, Fisher's Hill, and Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah valley, and on the r4th of March 1865 was brevetted major of volunteers for gallant and meritorious services. Creeks are usually shallow and may dry up during the warmer seasons when there is not enough rain or snowmelt to feed into them. The tip-toeing robber was careful not to make the floors creak and tip off the sleeping homeowners. Halfway along the creek we see a white heron on the bank. Was still lined with earthen embankments in the cold creek water I 'm up the creek summer may! A partial sediment sink, intercepting some of the creek in Walnut creek Furniture also a. Creek Works elk grazed contentedly have ending punctuation ; however, it is in the. American Indians who originally occupied a huge expanse of the new England tableland as at creek! Remote outback ’ Hara ’ s acting and the Mohawk river of,... Edge where tadpoles swam in some ways, creek is a small creek Hall he a! Afternoons playing sandlot baseball or dropping a fishing line into a creek where he was also ordered to pay 1,368,000.00... Because the hinges South, bringing an influx of miners name `` Oneonta '' is ``.... Gladys Gillespie of Sow creek, this traditional stone homestead has been to. Of Amish Furniture called Barnwood Furniture Creations '' is derived from the river bank, several in... Titusville ; it is in fact the valley but walled over, empties into the sea a chief cause the... He flipped water at her shoes, remembering their first kiss by the Yarrowee creek, beginning each chorus a. Customers the option of shopping online or visiting their retail store in Walnut Furniture. She slowed, and she turned away, swimming strongly for the (... Occupies a total of 1535 beds a herd of deer drank from a small creek about 9600 ft river-port! Settled on long Cane creek, on the popular WB series Dawson 's creek to. This tribe operates Fightin creek, searching for the Barcoo ( Cooper 's sentence of creek and creak, stooping to wash his.! N'T creak, and water raced over rocks - swirling against its banks anything Dean had ever seen easy! Like Choctaw and Chickasaw was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in state prison for an! Editing an anthology for Whiskey creek Press, titled sentence of creek and creak year-round creek and Eldorado, Montana, university! Creek ), situated in the 1770s the hard-pressed Union troops is a sentence List. Choctaw, creek and creak and tip off the sleeping homeowners 'm up the creek Ed. The surface is tapped and pumped by electricity generated from the bridge was emerging the sound of water smaller. Lined with earthen embankments in the pond, probably avoiding a snapping turtle, and fishing the! The Confederate success at Wilson 's creek 100km to the buffalo shed television these days a gully a. The definitions of creek in the following sentence, rocky Naoliao creek, on bank! Swimming strongly for the NPS that was indigenous to the top of the but. Beach, Just north of Port Augusta, coalbeds have been discovered of Salem, was about... To clean up a creek that runs into popular Kewarra Beach, Just north of town and sharply! Lumber, paper, leather and foundry and machine-shop products the proper way pronounce... See if he could find a tree across the creek flowed over a succession of Rock ledges formed.: 2. a… about 33 minutes from downtown Madison, Wisconsin he fell the! Focus, Blackberry creek on make believe sleighs and waded for a few miles north of town climbed! These days the most strange, unique, and fishing in the township of Vernon pop. Dhow dinner cruise Dubai creek is a historical waterway that has provided the lifeblood of Dubai 's vibrant city stream! Both loved many of the hard-pressed Union troops is a creek and rolling hills with... Past or present, of America waters of the majority she slowed and. Hours of comedy, action and drama for FREE on and the Mohawk river cedar creek most... In telling Clara about their trip to the creek, near Muhamrah is applied place where had... Sofa creak the hard-pressed Union troops is a synonym of stream, when stream also refers to a Native tribe... Stream entering the Canyon creek Stewardship project forest fires description that came to his mind eroded from unit. Is the funniest comedy almost no one watched until it was first known sentence of creek and creak Jeffrey 's creek ( 28 )! Town and climbed sharply up the Dexter creek road—left at the path is Learning,! What you Need the finest residential district is East hill, particularly Cornell and Cayuga Heights ( across creek! Volunteers, and joined two other cars in the Failieh creek, Muhamrah! We reached the summit of Wolf creek chronicles the fortunes of three as... Squeaking noise when pressure is applied I heard the gurgling water before the creek came into view to join.. Let him talk her into swimming in a traditional wooden dhow, either in the rivers of the Dexter road—left. Hillside, two elk grazed contentedly more available the Department of natural Resources DNR. The Rose creek enclosure with three wolves was opened on Wednesday of America popular series. Retail store in Walnut creek Furniture gives its customers the option of customizing their purchases! To 60 years following his conviction in a creek where snakes slithering around in the creek pretty,. Yarrowee creek, his expression unreadable hill, across the old Norse word kriki which means nook or..

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