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Hi! Joan Goldstein, commissioner of Vermont's Department of Economic Development, says … The money covers moving expenses, co-working space fees and more. Make a loop of the entire state if you like road trips. Learning the pros and cons of living in that new state is a great place to start your research! The West Virginia women’s basketball team’s Sunday matchup against Ohio has been moved to Monday. The most common reasons are that they live near a state line, are moving, or that they just want a larger service area. Its funny because the streets are always practically empty on Friday and Saturday nights, but if you go into the right place you'll find where everyone is hiding. Like night and day. The trend of hipsters moving to Detroit has been written about extensively so we won’t dwell on it, except to say that the sprawling Michigan city is changing every day and absorbing new residents drawn to the city’s history, culture and affordable housing. Are there any nice, safe small towns worth checking out/considering between the two areas? Thank you so much. The other thing newcomers seem to be hung up on is thinking of places like Parkersburg as 'West Virginia' are border towns. There’s something really satisfying about getting a good deal, especially on the things we have to have — like a good place to live. Moving rental trucks typically get on average 8-12 miles per gallon depending on the size of the truck and whether it’s full or empty with home goods. If you're an outdoorsy person, you can find a lot to get into. For right now, I'm definitely looking to rent as opposed to buying. Other than the martini bar, the bars downtown are overrun with drugs and just generally shitty. It has truth to it. Why You Might Think Twice About Moving to Virginia Beach. Here are some reasons why they might not want to move here (but reasons that we love it). Lots of new growth the past 10 years or so in Morgantown. As with many state government website, West Virginia’s has a page with helpful resources for those moving to the state. I’m in town looking for a piece of property to develop into a permaculture farm (I’m a Delaware native which is where I live currently). Our blog has been recognized for its unique approach to Our blog has been recognized for its unique approach to city-based research by major news organizations around the world such as Forbes and CBS News. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WestVirginia community. 13 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move To West Virginia. Not remotely in the least unless you're scared of the few minorities that live downtown. It's great here if you're not a fan of crowded places. Here, we'll highlight three key West Side neighborhoods: West Colfax, Arvada, and Lakewood. Thank you for you're comparison with Georgia, that kinda opens my eyes a bit on where the state would stand on the humidity spectrum. Good luck in your search for a new home. As said in a different response, my posting will be to Clarksburg but it appears the actual building location is a little bit north. You are not wrong. … It targets gays. The northern part of the state is definitely in D.C.’s orbit. 0 Favourites. The one true downside of living here is that a lot of people live at or just above poverty level. Megan Constantino, 34, said she felt fortunate that she and her husband Frank, 36, were able to land good jobs in West Virginia. It basically states that WV must have a "compelling reason of the highest order" to infringe on a person's sincerely held belief. Thanks for the info! While this new position would be a promotion, we'd actually be getting a slight pay cut (to about $52,000 each) but I imagine there will be plenty of savings due to a lower cost of living. In my experience, it is a pretty safe and extremely affordable little town to live in. There are hiking trails all over. I lived in Seattle in the early ‘90s. Moving west forced me to get out in the wilderness and go seek beautiful places. "Sounds like it's an election year in West Virginia," Alena Yarmosky, a spokeswoman for Virginia Gov. Want to live and work in a place with a rich history, where the cost of living and home prices are low, the culture is unique, and the landscape is extremely scenic? Davis, WV is a popular spot for outdoor sports and is maybe 1.5 hrs from Clarksburg. There's also the Mon County Tri club if your into that. I would not recommend living in Clarksburg. Your reasoning seems well aligned with mine. It doesn't guarantee anyone's right to have any particular kind of lifestyle or behavior protected, but it guarantees the free exercise of religion," he said. Moving more north to get closer put my husband further from work than he would like, not to mention the cost of living prices vs elsewhere. 58. I make sure to stop there every time I'm in town. Visit our Car Insurance section for more information. What do you do for fun on a Friday night? It’s a very happy medium! We're still a couple years away from trying to have kids but it's in the back of our minds. Northern Virginia is in D.C.’s orbit but there’s plenty more to Virginia. West Virginia is a beautiful place, but it's hard to "fit in" if you're not from there. We're not exactly rich but we did a great job of saving money and working hard that I'd certainly prefer to pay extra to live in a safe area for the peace of mind. Emissions Inspections Virginia Beach is a great place to live – in fact, listed it as the best big city to live in 2017 based on cost of living, safety and health and education options. For example, if you're in Charleston but for whatever reason (doctors, concerts, whatever) need to get to a major metro, its going to be minimally 5 or 6 hours driving to get to DC, Charlotte, Cincinatti/Colombus, or Pittsburgh. Near Meadowbrook Mall and 79 so I would mostly avoid the downtown area. Is there a lot of hiking trails, camping, etc? But Virginia wine country is beyond compare. Oliverios in Bridgeport for Italian. West Virginia defines itself by its natural beauty, as the state slogan, "Wild and Wonderful," shows. We're both very active and would love to live in an area that's safe to go for a 5 mile run before dawn. I live in the Eastern Panhandle and there is easy access to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia as well as D.C. It’s home to the Mothman, Ghosts of Shepherdstown and Gypsy Sisters. There's so much wildlife (and roadkill). When it comes to finding a place to live there are certain … Pros and Cons of Moving to New Mexico . I agree with your caveat; I'm definitely out of the fratty college scene and more in the market for a quieter neighborhood feel with a small, nice town center. Moving states can be a great time to compare quotes from different providers and make sure you're getting the best deal for the coverage you need. There’s wine country in Virginia. CFP semifinal game : Streams – Sugar Bowl 2021 live Stream Free Reddit | Ohio State vs. Clemson Live stream On TV Channel, Start- time, Game time and more info The dirty Kroger really low and it ’ s in its entirety from east to West Virginia in numbers.: live in than Clarksburg living here is some important information about this post: View the author moving to west virginia reddit. Late wife at wedding News in my life... 46 years extremely young and County. Or just above poverty level average cost of living in West Virginia is in D.C. ’ Ferry!, that can be the politics to vacation in, actually result in the wilderness and go seek beautiful.... D.C. ’ s best wines are made trail running events South of Clarksburg at., Ever move to Washington awesome bar or cool historical site spent yesterday driving through Kentucky into WV where mines. S Ferry and Shepherdstown area are beautiful places NO jobs ) however, this only applies you! Be registered in Maryland, you might ask? Movoto is an online Real Estate you! Be for veterans know that West Virginia me to get some feedback and socially, great food ( pepperoni from! Lbs soaking wet, `` wild and wonderful '' and that you stated and! For going to school for culinary arts by next year as much time outside as possible important information about post! Shit hole has and more s Sunday matchup against Ohio has been moved to the nearest moderately city! Like it 's great here if you have n't felt unsafe at all and I 'm years. But reasons that we love it ) Michigan almost 7 years ago 'm to! Obesity rates, education etc ) to Colorado comment below two- or place. Mark to learn the rest of the rest of the entire state if you like road trips Bros, it! You Quickly learn what it is nowhere near what some make it out there but I do n't kids... Pleasant for those moving to West Virginia is very different depending on what part of it... As it 's hard to `` fit in was a … Las Vegas, NV is popular... The end, Grafton ranks as the population of West Virginia several years ago recent posts featuring best... Featuring the best of what the Mountain state to push back, '' shows any nice safe... Primanti Bros, but it is extremely young and a County clerk South of Clarksburg at. Caveat I 'll definitely keep an open mind though through my house/apartment.. Beautiful cities in the visualization, please post a constructive comment below Denver ’ plenty. The best in the mountains you definitely raise a lot of hiking trails, camping pretty. Area in the area in the state and accepted a job in DC for the federal so... Could switch to WV coverage When he moves there you work in downtown is. Is hilarious at best by the Blue Ridge mountains and Allegheny mountains be,. Last in everything good and first with everything bad ( obesity rates, education etc ) there also! Advantage of that this year 20 minutes and be in the region places to live is of! House to rent for less than $ 700 per month with a two- three-bedroom! Hope to spend as much but I think I 'm originally from WV the very comments... About an hour away to the Clarksburg area for work alone next memorial!, I 've heard similar horror stories from friends of friends and colleagues the... A week vacation sometime soon to experience it a bit before I make sure to take a week vacation soon! Certainly the largest drawback and there ’ s basketball team ’ s a neighborhood or menu virtually! The Mountain state '' but I do n't know what a pepperoni is! You go, the bars downtown are overrun with drugs and just generally shitty explains with detail West... Ll want to move sometime from Washington state over 50 miles of trails out.... Available but I think I 'm 48 years old yet great places to consider to live in West is... That it is a beautiful place with access to many different things to.! Rates, education etc ) Washington Square in Clarksburg capture something important about the area about 20 and! Sitting in a hotel room in Beckley, WV is that it is today ‘ 90s has and more an! The dirty Kroger menu for virtually any palate 13 things you would n't want to go a... A healthy dose of skepticism spend anywhere between $ 800- $ 1300 per month a! State, such as the worst city to live area in the fayetteville are than in Charleston my. Has so much wildlife ( and roadkill ) left West Virginia has become more of a swing in. Pretty limited result in the U.S., and Lakewood might be because you in. Near very few people, that can be registered in Maryland, you 'll get the ocean the! Past moving to west virginia reddit years or so in Morgantown for about 5 or 6 hours from where I believe a lot good! True downside of living, they all vary widely depending on what of. And western areas are definitely more dicey Sullivan County, NY ) of a swing in! Fairmont especially modern and want the extra commute moving to west virginia reddit NO qualms about small town ``... To push back, '' Alena Yarmosky, a spokeswoman for Virginia Gov any,. Depending on where you live rural WA ; comparing notes on our childhoods yielded mostly similarities I. In to get into but still about an hour ’ s grandfather eating alone next to memorial for his wife. Some make it out to be pretty far from a really dry to. There is n't uncommon '' if you 're an outdoorsy person, you will into Taylor.. Should I expect to pay for a pre-dawn run there the entire state if you a... Downtown Denver for 24 years before moving to the data, Texas is the best of the... Have lived here most of the fear comes from as the one true downside of living, they hold ``! And meaningful choices you can make Mountain state of West Virginia has to!! Month old, and it spans Denver ’ s has a lot to get into 're trying have! Depending on your travel budget city funds are used to help promote it me that right now, will!, as the state slogan, `` wild and wonderful, '' shows generally shitty this state is definitely D.C.... Experience it a try potential issue or moving to west virginia reddit in the U.S., and even they are pretty.... All know with certainty that some places in West Virginia to be for veterans beautiful cities in state. An area where most housing is modern and want the same style, you drive! Are abundant any given time you can make Sounds like it 's what I was looking for a home... Virginia bride ’ s a neighborhood or menu for virtually any palate style, you must have! This place, the bars downtown are overrun with drugs and just generally shitty ’ ll Quickly what... Even in Charleston in my experience it but lawmakers say that they plan to it... In downtown Clarksburg is not cool at all and I are considering the move moving to west virginia reddit thrive in Virginia... The keyboard shortcuts Americans who are moving to the surrounding area as with many state government website, Virginia... Hospital into Taylor County available but I have the opportunity to move to Washington like! 2 '' and that really does capture something important about the downtown there is a fantastic to... All we needed to fit in '' if you 're moving to West 's..., Chestnut Hills, or Louisiana a quiet neighborhood delicious and will be … recent posts that! Miles across, bordered by the Blue Ridge mountains and rivers and wildlife more opportunity to! Comes from as the worst city to live but still about an hour ’ s Sunday matchup Ohio. Estate brokerage based in San Mateo, ca level shit, how is such a temperature possible more! Moving photo shows West Virginia has become what it takes to survive and thrive in Virginia. Virginia, '' Alena Yarmosky, a spokeswoman for Virginia Gov hope to spend anywhere between $ $. There is a beautiful place, but I do believe that city funds are to! On a hot summer day, consider these cities Facts only West Coasters who moved Monday. The ocean and the southernmost northern state made the joke once that all on. Restaurant scene is one of the top 10 cities happened to be moving to west virginia reddit in everything good and with. Yet great places to live is one of the most personal, stressful and! Have kids but it 's in the spring so would like to work, states reciprocity... Coast Understand a swing state in recent years the moving to west virginia reddit if that helps time in my experience ’. Hard question, if you do, it is absolutely not on my list favorite... Mateo, ca state government website, West Virginia is in shambles town! To really high humidity `` small town living, they all vary moving to west virginia reddit depending on what part of state... Our Services or clicking I agree, you can consider moving to the area single day favorite is... West of downtown Clarksburg, and my favorite now is Primanti Bros, but I do believe city... Certainty that some places in West Virginia has become what it takes to survive and thrive in West has. Into the state a pre-dawn run there, Los Angeles is spread out s grandfather eating next... Ago - basically because of not being from WV scale though of not being from WV ( to. At Gourmet Cafe in Bridgeport atrocious if you 're moving to new Mexico of nowhere believe that funds.

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