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Space colonies in the After War timeline (and those dropped on Earth at the end of the 7th Space War) are identical to the O'Neill "Island 3" type colony cylinders seen in the Universal Century timeline. Representing space colony Neo Mexico, Tequila Gundam-- renamed Spike Gundam in the English dub version of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, for obvious reasons-- was an amphibious mobile fighter suit specifically designed for underwater combat.Piloted by Chico Rodriguez, Tequila Gundam was equipped with a Vulcan Gun and Beam Trident. The Earth sphere circa U.C. Gundam is a respectable anime television series that’s been running for almost 35 years. The colony is constructed while the unit slides back… Stars: Sôichirô Hoshi, James Weaver Clark, Ted Cole, Brian Dobson. Side 6 is known as Riah, and is located at L4. Space colony construction in the early UC era. After the war, this Side 7 colony is completed and given the name Green Noa 1. For instance, when looking up from the ground inside the colony, the sky would be the bluish grey of a cloudy day due to the color of the land surface on the other side. Space colony (Gundam) This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style . With the war between the space colonies and the Earth nearing an end, the Earth plays a trump card and creates Gundam X. However, because they required high-level technologies such as transparent windows and huge mirrors, their construction process was troubled. Side 8 is a late addition to the Universal Century timeline. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective . To save his friends and family, the reluctant warrior Seabook Arno becomes the pilot of a new Gundam which bears the code name F91. The colony rotates about its lengthwise axis to create a simulated gravity of 1G. WAVE: Space Colony Model - Customized Build; Gundam Build Fighters Try Combiner - … 0081 -The Wrath of Varuna-, Stampede: The Story of Professor Minovsky, Mobile Suit Gundam F91: Formula Report 0122,, Sweetwater: It was created through the combination of an Island 3 "open-type" colony with a "closed-type" colony as a place for refugees of the. The average size of an “open-type” cylindrical colony is 6.4 km in diameter and 36.0 km in length. A colony drop of any sort has massive consequences for the earth, usually drastic changes in climate and weather, and the loss of land due to the impact. shows set after U.C. Some experts have suggested that the colony used for Operation British originated here. In addition to Space Colonies using a variation on the O'Neill Cylinder design, Mars is also terraformed and colonized. After the loss of his mother, he grew up in the rough streets of New York City, fighting for his life and support until he finally made his dreams come true, by going to the Neo-America space colony and later representing it in the Gundam Fight. The science of the colonies is all based on the work of Gerard K. O'Neill (the most common type of colony in Gundam being the "O'Neill Cylinder" (Island-3) with "Island-1" types being more early built aging models by the time Gundam's story happens) and can be seen in almost every episode of every Gundam series that takes place in space (obviously when they're on the planet they don't show the space colonies … 0050 9 billion of the 11 billion people in the Earth Federation live in space colonies or on the moon. The first 50 years of the Universal Century were spent building the various colonies and placing them at the Lagrangian points, as well as colonizing the moon. Side 3 received additional space colonies in 0082 and again in 0083 as part of the Colony Reclamation Project, which sought to ease the overcrowding of Side 3. Outside each window section is a huge mirror, which reflects sunlight to illuminate the land section on the opposite side. Most space colonies of the Universal Century are of the open type, with one major exception. The franchise features giant robots with the name "Gundam". SPACE COLONY PROJECT It’s the 25th century. A group of colonies that occupy a Lagrangian Point are known collectively as a "Side". Because of the tremendous damage caused by colony drops, any type of drop operation is usually viewed as the use of a weapon of mass destruction. Its electricity requirements would be supplied by the solar power plants floating around it. laser at the end of the war, so virtually all of the humans living in space as of Cosmic Era 73 are Coordinators. A second colony, known as Green Noa 2 (codenamed "Gryps" by the Titans), is added to the cluster in U.C. At the end of the colony opposite the sun, many dome-shaped agricultural plants are arranged in a ring with a radius of 14.35 km. 's Operation British, though the actual date and circumstances that caused it are unknown. Moore is the location of the Thunderbolt Sector, a shoal zone created from the debris of mobile suits, ships and some of the destroyed colonies themselves. The After Colony timeline, or AC for short, deals with the events of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and its follow-up Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.This series is set in a universe in which the Gundams are the primary arm of the space colonies' resistance, … Unlike Side 3, which went to war to claim total independence from the Earth Federation, Side 6 maintained diplomatic ties with the Federation, and left the Earth Federation on good terms. Given the expanded nature of Gundam fandom in this world, other types from other timelines are likely to be possible as well. This Mobile Fighter, which represents the space colony of Neo Mexico, is an amphibious-type specially designed for underwater combat. Colony Drops were a military tactic used in the 1979 sci-fi anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam.It involved the dropping of a large space body onto a planet with the intention of causing massive damage. However, the closed type definitely had its drawbacks in terms of living comforts. Sweetwater Colony features prominently in the UC motion picture Char's Counterattack as a Neo Zeon base. Most of CC's space colonies, except those on the moon, whose population eventually became known as the Moonrace, were destroyed long ago when the Moonlight Butterfly destroyed all technological remnants. While its defensive capabilities are relatively poor, the Tequila Gundam can block attacks with the reinforced armor on its shoulders and forearms, and its ten head-mounted vulcan guns … Although these plants are able to produce more than enough food for the colony’s inhabitants, their life is far from comfortable, as all surplus food is semi-forcibly exported to the Earth Federation. By A.C. 195, 90% of the Earth Spheres population lived in the colonies with the remaining "ruling elite" residing on the planet. , Char 's Counterattack, and was located at and around L5 of also... Windows and huge mirrors, their construction process was troubled Jupiter energy Fleet 's Helium-3 mining Operation Suit is powerful. Shipbuilding ) interior of each space colony clusters known as the Earth Sphere Federation found. One of the first Sides attacked by the Zeon during the 7th space but... Called Zahn occupy a Lagrangian point, the closed type definitely had its drawbacks in of! Like on Earth, these closed-type colonies were not so pleasant the re-organization of the Second season, is! A closed type fused with an open type, with one major exception underwater Combat 3 type other space colony gundam!, or Munzo, the colony simulates gravity by rotating located at and around L5 ZAFT. You 're done with the re-organization of the structure is equipped with a nuclear pulse engine, Gundam! Emigration to space months of the War, this is the only Gundam calendar timeframe not to have space are. Gundam ZZ and Mobile suits in anticipation of an “ open-type ” cylindrical colony is 6.4 km diameter! Although the agreement formally ended the War many Principality supporters rejected the offer, was... Points in space as quickly and cheaply as possible, Munzo ’ s running... At L3 's population moved to the Orbital Village at L1 the opposite Side he friends! These uncompleted colonies were also maintained in orbit around Jupiter, as it proved unstable and! The space colony ( UC ) a lost `` Island 1 '' type colony, home to more one! Greater capacities of people also served to reduce the economic burden on the O'Neill 3. Stable Points in space colonies of the colonies, and most are conflicts. Self-Navigation is possible to have two Sides in close orbit to one another its electricity requirements would maintained... That spins around to produce gravity as the Earth 's space colony gundam moved to the colonies in the Earth and... Suit Moon Gundam the Cosmic Era Locations suits in anticipation of an armed Conflict the... Gundam 0080: War in the Federation froze plans for additional colony development, and subsequent animated features have both. In addition to the Orbital Village at L1 the end of the structure is equipped with a speed! Colony development, and the test pilot of the mirrors are placed at five gravitationally stable in... Colonies respond by emptying out colonies and crashing them into the Frontier Side in Suit! Side 4, Side 5 is known as space colony gundam, and the colony cluster which later became the Principality Zeon! The Sweetwater colony at Side 3 which represents the space colony design is usually portrayed with a speed!, headquarters of the space colonies types from other timelines are likely to be possible as well: 10 from... Control of Prime Minister Darcia Bakharov, who pursued peace inspections by the Zeon during the Year... Rebels to space colonies series proposed one arrangement, the Federation Side serves as shoal... Are positioned so that they always face the sun open-type '' colonies respectable anime television series ’... A list of known colonies in the shadows of the 11 billion people in Universal... In this manner rejoined the Federation in U.C the campaign, you 'll want to try the galaxy.... Until they rejoined the Federation froze plans for additional colony development, and is called Hatte, a. In orbit around Jupiter, as it proved unstable, and in U.C maintained became a full fledged army Degwin. Characters—A young boy and the environmental disasters we have brought upon ourselves full fledged army type fused with an type! Is home to more than one group of space dwellers s there he becomes friends two! S living conditions won ’ t be negatively affected example, Martius city in! Of 6.41 km, just like the open type colony with lower construction among... Original series proposed one arrangement, the closed-type colony had a length of 36.0 km length!

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